Monday, June 18, 2018

Women in Racing

I got to do an article that really means something to me. The history of women in racing is fascinating, I encourage anyone to look up as much as they can.

Here's an article on racing women.

Denise McCluggage, Hellè Nice, Shirley Muldowney, Lyn St. James, Maurie-Claude Beaumont, Michèle Mouton, Pat Moss, and Janet Guthrie...

New Gig

So I found someone to pay me to write things about cars. Crazy pants, right? Who am I even talking to, this thing hasn't updated in forever. But now that I'm doing this thing maybe I'll update this project page more often, maybe as my reject pile for stories that they don't want or don't fit. Or I'll forget again. The only way to know is to check...

Anyway, here's my author page at

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Current Project, "A Thousand Maybe Worlds"

At the moment I do have a project active, I'm co-hosting a podcast reviewing the 1950s Science Fiction anthology radio program X Minus One, which is cataloged over at The Sandwich Machine Check it out.