What's All This Then?

With enough changes, and me finally figuring out how to use the pages section, I thought I'd centralize what's going on.

Of course, it all started with a little bit of boredom, a hard drive I wasn't using, and a massive CD collection I've been dragging around for a decade without knowing what was in it.  So I started putting the CDs on the hard drive two by two and logging my impression of what had made up my CD collection for all these years.

That is, until the hard drive took a dive. The project got put on hold until such a time as I could figure out how to fix the hard drive.

In the meantime, I was going through material I had for a project with grandiose goals that I never finished. And it was frustrating because there wasn't only work from me, but from other people who took time out to humor me and my little experiment.

This caused a realization.

So, I decided to use this as my project blog. There are projects I just want to get done. I don't know who I'd pitch these to, I don't know who would buy them, they are just things I would like to see. If someone else finds them interesting, awesome. But at the very least I won't sit here on my computer looking at half done work thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice."

So that, then, brought us to that half finished project. I figured out an easy-ish, if not ideal, way to cut the interviews I conducted in early 2009 with street performers in San Francisco. For me, they are an essential and meaningful part of the experience in San Francisco and I felt they deserved recognition. I regret that I couldn't turn it into the grand thing I imagined it to be, but at least I can finally tell the stories I collected to whoever happens by.

Hopefully, there will be more projects to follow, little things I'd like to see, things I'd like done. Things hopefully people will enjoy. Things at the very least I'll get off my chest. Thanks for checking in and having enough interest to click this page. I hope you find something you like.

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  1. Dear Albatross, I ran across your review (of sorts) of my album "53 West 19th". Thanks for listening to it. I just wanted to let you know that there are/were no overdubs or edits on that entire album - we recorded it all live to 2 inch tape - the 2nd horn that you hear on many tracks is not me overdubbing; it is James Mahone on alto sax - who you may be able to hear live as he lives in SF now - Oakland I think. Anyway - I've enjoyed reading through your blog a bit today - cool project... Best, Matt Otto