Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 2 in Review

I think that, transitioning from week one to week two, the most disturbing thing that I'm noticing is that the CDs that I bought on purpose are not holding up as well as the CDs that I just ignored. Some great progressive jazz has sprung up this week, which is a shame because it's hard to get exposed to that kind of stuff. You're not likely to walk into a hotel lobby and hear it. The best way is late at night on your local college jazz station.

Late at night the student DJs take over and one of two things happen: they either know their stuff and play some things you aren't likely to hear, or they have no idea and are grabbing albums at random and the same thing occurs. Or you have a huge amorphous collection of CDs following you around and you find new stuff that way. Or hey, read this blog--fewer storage issues and you don't have to twiddle away eight years at a record store...

I'm going to ape last week's format until I settle on how to go about this:

Top Hits: I'm going to have to go with James Carter and Archie Shepp, though I actually quite liked Stefon Harris/Jacky Terrasson. But I think the only ones making it to my diminutive MP3 player are the first two.

The misses are World Flutes 1 and Let's Go Bowling, I'm afraid. I don't know that I'd need to uncheck either, but I might not even notice that they were playing until I decided I really wanted to listen to something I wanted to listen to. I still feel bad about the World Flutes 1 thing, but ultimately it is what it is.

Most embarrassing is Vision, because of the memory of how much I whored myself for that ridiculous CD.

Most revisited was Archie Shepp, even though it was a recent add. Sax and trombone is a potent combination.

The greatest tragedy was the Count Plays Duke fatal flaw. Two great tastes that would have tasted great together, but just wouldn't play on the computer.

The biggest surprise was Bert Kaempfert and Pete Seeger. I knew Seeger was cool, but it was just damned interesting as well, and Kaempfert was no where near as cheesy as I thought he'd be.

The project has been going well for me. At the very least it has given me something to concentrate on. The organization question is starting to be an issue, but I have some suggestions I think I'm going to take up. And the Facebook group as of today is just one away from 20, long since surpassing the fan page for my VW Bus. So far we haven't managed to stump iTunes and only Amazon with stuff that was never commercially available. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the first bag with so, so many more bags to go.

Thanks for taking the ride. As always tell anyone who might be interested, tap the social media of your choice, and join the Facebook group to get a preview of the upcoming CDs and notification when a new post is up.

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