Monday, February 13, 2012

The Project into the Future

So...when I said "back in a few" it depended on what "a few" meant.

Here's the problem with the initial project: I dropped my hard drive that the project was being stored on and I haven't been able to get it fixed. I was told it would cost twice as much as a new one just to get it opened, but I'm sure I can find a tiny enough screwdriver for less than $200.

However...I have this illness where I think of ideas I want to explore and then getting lost in how to do them and more importantly, what to do with them.

Well, I have this stillborn blog here where I got almost 80 days into a project and while my readership was meager, it felt good just to %*(&^$ do it.

In a sense, my own hang ups about how to go about distributing my project ideas have been their own albatrosses, keeping me sitting on ideas and sometimes even material because it won't be 'pro' or whatever weird criteria I might have come up with.

Well, the truth is, none of this stuff is going to make me rich or a household name or end up having someone from a documentary channel call me up. There is no point waiting by the phone for Ira Glass to find me interesting.

But, dammit, this is the internet. I have the power to be irrelevant publicly. And ten people a day accidentally can stumble upon my work. Which, while meager, is more than would if these things stay in my head or on my hard drive.

So, here is the divide: There are some random project ideas, like me summarizing my collection of The Shadow radio programs that are really nothing more than me boring strangers about things I like. That's regular blog stuff, that stays on The Sandwich Machine. While that project sounds a lot like what I do here, it makes sense in my head to separate the two. If for some reason you have an opinion on that I'll probably just do whatever you tell me to do because I'll consider you my only reader.

There are other projects in which I actually did something, or interviewed someone doing something, or the like. They are creative endeavors in some way. These projects will now be hosted, as I am able to complete them, here on the Albatross. Should I get a screwdriver to fix my stupid hard drive, the original project will also take place, but perhaps not on the daily grind. We'll see.

So...welcome to the New Project:Albatross. Feel free to wander about the old Project:Albatross. Feel free to thumbs me up or tweet me or whatever method you use to tell other strangers about things you enjoyed.

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