Thursday, October 21, 2010

Indulgence--Now You Can Listen, Days 1-10 Sampler

Well, I found a way to do the super indulgent thing I had mentioned earlier with less effort and more importantly, no cost to me. I still secretly hold out hope that this will somehow raise enough money for an iPod Classic which would fit the entire Albatross on it, but that isn't likely so there's no need to make it worse by actually spending money...

So here it is, I've always been a little frustrated that all you can do is read me talking about music with, at best, 30 second samplers from the Amazon player. If I was still in college, this would have taken the form of a weekly radio program where I pull out the best of the weeks music and play it for you. Well, now I can do that without having to come up with radio breaks.

Introducing Project:Albatross' new play lists. Every ten days of the blog, I'll make another play list highlighting tracks from those ten days that I either really liked, was surprised by, or at the very least mentioned so that you can hear them in their entirety. Or you can listen to them, go, "Hey, I like that, what the hell?" and then go back and find the blog entry on it.


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